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Codemasters Get the Formula One Licence

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You may remember me saying on Tuesday that Sony were making a new F1 game according to what Kaz Hirai said at Playstation Day…well, it seems I took it out of context. It was to indicate what games were made in Europe, one of which was F1 by Studio Liverpool…not anymore, it’s been announced that Codemasters have obtained the licence.

It comes after rumors that SCEE and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone failed to reach a deal of the licence after talks supposeidly fell through because the price was too steep to pay.

Instead, from next year, Codemasters will release a new F1 game which will contain everything from either this season or the new cars and drivers of 2009 (We sadly dont know if the now defunct Super Aguri would appear in the game, should it be based on this season)

If I am a bit honest, I’m quite sad that Sony dont have the rights to F1 anymore, Studio Liverpool made great F1 games since 1995 (When the first F1 was released on the PSX)

However, Codemasters are a great developer with racing games (as such, the Race Driver series and of course, the rally series based on the late great Colin McRae) so you should have a little bit of faith in them, I do.

Anyways, Codemasters will release the game on the multiple consoles including the PC and Xbox 360 but there will be a PS3 verison as well, unlike when Sony had the rights to it when it was just for the Playstation.

Lewis Hamilton’s rights although belong to EA so this could be a problem as far as licening goes.

Playstation Day: Killzone 2 – A New Screen

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Okay, only one but its damn well lovely…

Grand Theft Auto IV – Comparison: Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360

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Well, we reviewed Grand Theft Auto IV on Saturday and it was given a perfect 10, the first 10 since we started V3 ages ago in January.

But if you have a PS3 and Xbox 360 and dont have the game (Why the hell not!!!???), which verison should you get? The Playstation 3 verison or the Xbox 360 verison?

The bombs are about to drop, fanboys and Xbots, this one aint for you.

We’re going to try and deal with a normal comparison, not the high spec one that, as of writing this, Eurogamer has just released (You can see that here), just a normal opinion of things…including…the boxart…yes…the boxarts are getting compared as well…

Lets go, shall we?


- Front boxart the same bar the size of the boxes (PS3 is smaller)
- On the side of the boxart on the PS3 verison, there is no Rockstar logo while the development code is there (BLES 00229 meaning it is the 229th game to have gone gold and been released
- While the description for the game is the same for both verisons, there are different screens for the back of each cover.

Playstation 3

Xbox 360

The special editions of the game features 2 different characters on the boxes of the special edition. For the Xbox 360 verison, it’s Niko and for the Playstation 3 verison, its lollypop girl.


- While we haven’t noticed a massive gameplay feature in the Xbox 360 verison, the Playstation 3 verison has motion sensitive gameplay via the motion sensors on the SIXAXIS.

- Both control options for the PS3 and 360 handle well but to be honest, the PS3 controls handle better. But if you are umcomfortable with the default controls, you get 2 control options, the Standard (Default) and Classic.

- Otherwise, both verisons are the same on gameplay and story until August at least when Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One appears on Xbox Live Marketplace but at PS Day, David Reeves said that DLC for the PS Store is very likely.


- Both verisons of Grand Theft Auto IV on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 run on 30FPS (Frames Per Second)

- Both games are HD but the 360 has true HD of uip to 720P but can be upscaled to 1080P while the Playstation 3 verison can only run at 630P but there are solutions around the internet which enable you to run it at 1080P.

- Otherwise, both verisons are the same except minor differences. However, on personal opinion, I find the graphics on the Playstation 3 verisons to be alot better then Xbox 360 verison (Thats not to say the 360 verison is shit looking, it ain’t. Just personal preference)


On the TV in the safehouses, all programs and advertisements are the same in the game for both verisons. However, there are different views for it. While both verisons have 2 views, one from far away and one in which you can see Niko, the PS3 verison has an extra view, a full screen. The 360 verison does not have this, most likely due to size limit’s on the DVD-9.

- The PS3 verison has more of a widescreen feeling to it then the Xbox 360 verison.

- Both verisons in the PS3 and the Xbox 360 have different variations of how we see cutscenes. The PS3 verison has black borders while the 360 verison has full wide screen in the cutscenes as shown below in the introduction of the game.

Xbox 360

- For your phones, your answer and reject buttons are color coded to each verison’s controller. Green and Red (A & B) for the Xbox 360 and Blue and Red (X & O) for the Playstation 3.

- Both verisons of the game were promised to have radio stations play off your phone as well as custom soundtracks for the 360 verison but neither made it into the game. But the Xbox guide does allow you to play music off it so you can, in a way, play custom soundstrakcs on the Xbox 360 verison.

Pros & Cons – Playstation 3

+ SIXAXIS is featured
+ Controls hand better
+ The graphics are, in our opinion, better the Xbox 360′s
- No In-Game XMB means no custom soundtrack
- Lack of DLC (for now)
- Only runs at 630P instead of 720P unlike the 360 which naturally runs at 720P.

Pros & Cons – Xbox 360

+ 2 new episodes worth of DLC coming this August
+ No In-Game soundtrack from 360 but there is the Xbox Guide
+ Runs at 720P, unlike the PS3 verison, with upscaling to 1080P
- Controls ain’t as good as PS3′s
- DVD-9 limits a fair bit
- In comparison, the graphics ain’t as good as the Playstation 3 verison.

Final Thoughts:

Simply, put it this way. If you want a good looking game at 720Pm are very interested in DLC (2 upcoming episodes starting August 2008) and, in a way, like your own music via the guide, the Xbox 360 verison is for you.

But if you dont really care for all that just want a great game to play with as well as a good control system in the SIXAXIS, the PS3 verison is for you.

Other then all that, there really is quite literally nothing to tell them apart. Rockstar said they’d be the same game, like Infinity Ward did with both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 verison’s of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and they’d be right, it is indeed the same game.

Winner: Nobody. It’s a draw. Ask again come August when Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One comes out.

Playstation Day: Killzone 2 and Little Big Planet – High Res Gameplay Footage

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Playstation Day: Resistance 2 – New Screens

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Playstation Day: MS GTA IV Deal is "the Last Shot They Have" – David Reeves

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In a scathing interview with, SCEE boss David Reeves has comeout saying that the DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV coming exclusively to Xbox Live for the Xbox 360 is “the last shot they [Microsoft] have”.

Well I think you probably will see it, it’s just that a deal obviously was struck between Microsoft and Take 2 to do that. And if that’s what they want to do, I think that’s the last shot they have.

He’s also hinted that there is a big announcement instore but as to what that is, he didnt say or when it was due.

I’m honestly not going to make any comment on that because it’s too big a thing to… we can make an announcement when we make an announcement.

Either he’s talking about DLC for GTA IV for the PS3…or maybe a new game, who knows. But we’ll find out either way at E3.

We put SCEE’s David Reeves on the spot –

Playstation Day: Little Big Planet – Gameplay Footage

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Playstation Day: 12 Minute Long Killzone 2 Gameplay Video by JeuxFrance

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12 minutes long and full of great gameplay. Only problem is that it suffers a bit in quality…

Playstation Day: Wipeout HD – New Screens

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[Credit for the pics go to Gamersyde]

Playstation Day: LittleBig…Killzone? – Video

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Yeah…my thoughts exactly but it is Little Big Planet with a level created based on Killzone 2. Clearly, Killzone 2 is being banked on alot by Sony for 2009 but so is Little Big Planet for this year and with Little Big Planet’s gem being user created content, the guys at Media Molocule decided to bring Killzone 2 and Little Big Planet together.

Please MM, release this level as a download for the games release…