Bishop set to appear in Aliens vs. Predator

Posted in PlayStation 3, SEGA, Xbox 360 with tags , on January 8, 2010 by James Love

Remember the scene from Aliens android Bishop does that class knife trick with his hand?

Well, expect some sort of homage to that in the new Aliens vs. Predator game as it’s been today announced that Lance Henriksen will be starring in the game as a a descendent of Charles Bishop Weyland who founded theWeyland-Yutani company from the Alien films.

Aliens vs Predator is set for release in February 2010 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Full PR after the jump along with a render of Henriksen in the game.

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The 2009 GOONL!NE Game of the Year – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Posted in PlayStation 3, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios with tags , , on December 24, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

By Jonathan Cullen, James Love and Will Swarbrick, with contributions from Jennifer Allen and Martin Gaston.

Well, it was going to be piss easy, going into awards season, right? Modern Warfare 2 sweeping all the overall GOTYs you could find.


While we did love Modern Warfare 2 here, it was unmistakably Uncharted 2 that swept us off our feet. It really was absolutely an incredible experience from start to finish, and is the closest a game has come to in a Hollywood blockbusters. Hear the thoughts of our staff on the game, and why it is the best game this year below.

Congratulations to Naughty Dog, and Uncharted 2 – GOONL!NE’s GOTY for 2009.

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GOONL!NE: The Game of the Year Awards 2009

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By Jonathan Cullen.

It’s that time of year, folks.

The time where we sort the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff and find out which is better: Coke or Pepsi? Daddy or Chips? But in our case, Uncharted 2 or Modern Warfare 2.

These are just two of the game that are in the running for Game of the Year 2009, alongside Batman: Arkham Asylum and Street Fighter IV.

We do have other awards too though, you know. So, let’s not waste any other time, and let’s get cracking. All of the awards are below.

Just one thing though: all of the staff involved in the process, both full-time and freelance, had a clean slate. They were free to pick any game that was on the consoles as their nomination. Basically, you picked Left 4 Dead 2 as a nomination in GOTY, it would also go down as your vote for GOTY. Same for all the other categories.

This could mean you may only see one game completely run away with it in one category, while it becoming very close in others.

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MAG goes gold, Open Beta on the way

Posted in PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios with tags , on December 22, 2009 by James Love

Zipper have announced that their colossal 256-player FPS MAG has just gone gold for the US and Asia, with release dates set for January 26th in North America and January 28th in Japan, with the European discs set to go gold within the next few weeks.

Also, from the 4th January MAG will have it’s open beta for everyone to sample. EU users can download it on January 4th, whilst American residents can pre-load it from today.

Premium Avatars make their way to PSN

Posted in PlayStation 3, PlayStation Store with tags on December 22, 2009 by James Love

Today’s EU PlayStation Store update has brought premium avatars to the PlayStation Store. They’re all LittleBigPlanet ones, and this is what you have to choose from, with the prices set at £0.20/€0.25 for each avatar.

  • Sackboy Avatar
  • Craft Earth Avatar
  • My Moon Avatar
  • Sky Avatar
  • Arrr! Avatar
  • Marvin Avatar
  • Gloria Avatar
  • Great Blue Avatar
  • Frost-E Avatar
  • Hugo Avatar
  • Lily Pad Avatar
  • Christmas Tree Avatar
  • Santa Avatar
  • Giftboy Avatar

Keep an eye out for them later on when the Store update goes live.

New Mass Effect Screens Released

Posted in EA, Xbox 360 with tags , on December 22, 2009 by James Love

EA and BioWare have today released 3 brand new screens for their up-coming sci-fi epic Mass Effect 2, which launches next month on Xbox 360.

Head on over to those lovely chaps over at TheLostGamer to see their exclusive screens.

flOw Trophies now live in Europe

Posted in PlayStation 3, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios with tags , , on December 22, 2009 by James Love

After what has seemed like an eternity, flOw has finally received it’s trophy patch (2.10) for Europe, giving 14 trophies to unlock. If you haven’t already picked this game up from the PS Store, now is an ideal time to do so.

For a full list of what you can unlock head here.

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And We’re Finished… Nearly

Posted in GOONL!NE Stuff with tags , on December 22, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

By Jonathan Cullen.

So, as you may have noticed, our final Advent Calendar entry went live earlier this morning. Basically, that was pretty much it for our shit for this year.

Our news was to stop on Friday, as planned, but we forgot about Jump Fiesta. And the fact Square Enix can surprise us sometimes. Damn you, Final Fantasy XIII for catching us off-guard.

Anyways, what I’m trying to tell you is that we’re done for the year. Finished. Finetto. Mission Complete.

Well, not quite. There is one final article to go live before Friday, and that is our Game of the Year article. Needless to say, this is the big one. The very big one.

Then after that, we’re completely done. James, David and Will take their Christmas leave until they come back, while I, of course, won’t be here for already explained reasons.

We hope you come back for the GOTY article. But other then that, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We’ll see you in the New Year! Well… not me obviously… YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

GOONL!NE Advent Calendar 2010: #15 – Crackdown 2

Posted in Microsoft Games Studios, Xbox 360 with tags , on December 22, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

By Jonathan Cullen.

Nearly three years ago, Real Time Worlds released a game that’s biggest selling point was a beta code for the multiplayer beta of Halo 3. However, in it’s own right, Crackdown was a fantastic game. It showed a crazy side of open world games, not even seen in either GTA: Vice City or San Andreas.

It was just a downright bonkers game: full stop.

Now, three years later – with RTW handling the release of their PC MMO APB next year – development duties for the sequel has been handed over to upstart developer Ruffian Games, who actually pretty much consist of former RTW staff.

But can Crackdown 2 be twice the game it’s prequel was in 2007? In one simple word: yes.

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GOONL!NE Advent Calander 2010: #14 – Mafia II

Posted in 2k Games, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 with tags , on December 21, 2009 by Chris Hawke

By Will Swabrick.

Yeah, you know the deal. Basically, this is just an excuse to use all the Godfather quotes we know, which turn out to be very few (“I’m going to make you a very good offer that you would find hard to turn down”). But Mafia II seems to be about more than just cool quotes. To call it GTA in the ’50s would be lazy, but basically true; you’ll drive, shoot and steal around Empire Bay, in the crispest of suits and the coolest of hats. Who needs iPods, eh?

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