Blinkbox coming to PlayStation 3

Posted in PlayStation 3 with tags on May 11, 2010 by James Love

PC streaming service Blinkbox have announced that they plan to bring a PS3 designed version of its service to the console.

The service will allow UK users to download a selection of films from 99p each and TV dramas such as Gossip Girls and Heroes for around 39p, with films available to keep from £2.99.  The Blinkbox webpage has been designed to automatically resizes for the best fit on any TV screen – whether you’re watching on a 50″ plasma or a 15″ CRT, so a good viewing experience is to be expected.

“The PS3 is the first of a number of devices to which we will be bringing Blinkbox, enabling customers to use our service on their TVs for instant streaming of new blockbuster movies – available on the same day as their release on DVD – as well as a growing library of free ad-supported titles” said the company’s CEO Michael Comish.

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Microsoft-LG partnership to take 360 3D

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3D gaming on the Xbox 360 will be a possibility with the help of an LG 3D television, having appeared on today.

From the press release, it seems that both LG and Microsoft will jointly market LG’s new 3D telvisions along side 3D-capable Xbox 360 games in South Korea, with the expansion of this coming later.

Moreover, it appears that by the end of June, there’ll be bundles of 360 3D games with the new LG LX9500 TV’s.

Check out a shot of the 360 in 3D after the jump.

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Microsoft confirm Natal for October launch

Posted in Project Natal, Xbox 360 on May 11, 2010 by James Love

Microsoft’s Project Natal will be released “somewhere in October” worldwide, according to Microsoft Saudi marketing manager Syed Bilal Tariq.

Speaking to GamerTagRadio, he said “…is going to be somewhere in October and we will be in a position to confirm the date at E3, which is in June, but definitely it is going to be October 2010.”

An official name for Natal will be announced at E3 to replace the current development name, along with a possible price cut for the 360 and a Natal bundle as rumoured earlier.

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Rumour: 360 and PS3 to see price cuts this year

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If you’ve been mulling over whether to get a new console the choice has just become a tiny bit harder with the PS3 and the 360 in line for price cuts that could be announced by the end of the year, or possibly as early as E3.

MCV have been told by “a senior global publishing source” that price cuts are on the way for the two consoles, with Nindendo also considering cutting the price of the Wii in a bid to remain ahead of Microsoft and Sony when they launch Natal and Move respectively.

Speculation from MCV suggests that a £200 PS3 SKU could be coming, with a massively reduced HDD size. Microsoft, may only drop the price of the Xbox 360 by a tad and will instead bundle Natal to the standard SKU.

Fallout: New Vegas Collectors Edition announced

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Bethseda have today detailled the Collectors Edition for Fallout: New Vegas.

The special edition will come with poker chips based on the New Vegas strip and other locations in the Mojave Wasteland.

There’ll also be a pack of cards, a hardcover graphic novel, making of DVD along with some other nice goodies.

See the full PR and a shot of the pack after the jump.

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LittleBigPlanet 2 gets official, trailer released

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The moment we’ve all been anticipating has come, Media Molecule have officially taken the wraps off LittleBigPlanet 2!

Full info on it after the jump, and to whet your appetite, the game is launching this winter!

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Jamie Macdonald joins Codemasters’ studios

Posted in Codemasters with tags on May 10, 2010 by James Love

Codemasters have announced that ex-Sony VP Jamie Macdonald will be joining their ranks as of May 4th.

Macdonald has presided over many notable franchises including The Getaway, EyeToy:Play and SingStar, as well as PSN features like SingStore, MySingStar Online and PlayStation Home.

“Joining a company with such a rich heritage as Codemasters is a real honour,” says Jamie Macdonald, SVP Production “This is an incredibly exciting time to become part of the Codemasters family and I am relishing the opportunity to work across the company’s globally appealing content on multiple platforms while exploring new delivery methods and revenue models.”

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FirstPlay launching in the Republic of Ireland

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Future has announced it will be releasing FirstPlay in Ireland from May 19th.

In response to a user question submitted to then on PSN Future responded with:

“We’ll be available in Ireland from Episode 7 onwards, so check it out on the 19th!”

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FIFA tops charts

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The latest ELSPA charts are out with 2010 FIFA World Cup at the top.

Check the top 20 after the jump.

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EDGE LittleBigPlanet 2 scans

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Well after getting rather over excited at the prospect of LittleBigPlanet 2 earlier we actually have some concrete news for you.

Scans from EDGE have been posted online, and they don’t half look superb.

Check them out after the jump.

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