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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – 2nd DLC Pack In Development

Posted in Codemasters, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 with tags , , on November 27, 2009 by Chris Hawke

Despite communication problems meaning that the first piece of DLC for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising isn’t out on PS3 yet, Ian Webster, Codemasters’ Community Manager has confirmed that the 2nd piece of DLC is in development for consoles:

“Just to keep you in the loop with what is happening this end, we wanted to let you all know that we currently have a 2nd DLC pack currently in development for the Xbox 360 & PS3.

Can’t give out too many specific details at the moment, but the pack will include amongst other things additional MP modes, as we realised that this was something the community were very much asking for in any new DLC.

As soon as I can release the full content of the upcoming DLC, I will be sure to let you know.”

Good news, then. You can read the full post here.

New Ubisoft Game Soon To Be Announced

Posted in Ubisoft on November 26, 2009 by Chris Hawke

The is the gift that keeps on giving. Taking a break from revealing male nudity in Heavy Rain, they’ve left this tweet;

“Ooh interesting news from Ubi about a soon-to-be announced game that a) isn’t too far off and b) we definitely want to play.”

Isn’t far off? Definitely want to play? If we’re excluding the recently leaked Far Cry 3, then Driver 5 or a new Prince Of Persia are our best bets.

Final FFXIII Trailer is Here

Posted in Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Launch Portal, PlayStation 3, Square Enix, Xbox 360 with tags on November 26, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

The last Final Fantasy XIII trailer is here, and it’s after the break.

No more talking. Go watch.

It’s out in a couple of weeks in Japan, with a March 9th release in the US and Europe.

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Modern Warfare 2 To Get DLC In Spring

Posted in Activision, Xbox 360 with tags , , on November 26, 2009 by James Love

Speaking from his page, Robert Bowling has stated that he expects MW2′s DLC to arrive in the Spring.

DLC is planned fir [sic] the wonderfully vauge timeframe of Spring. I’ll let you know when we know when it’ll be done.

To what the DLC entails was not stated, but keep your eyes peeled for it.

Thanks to TheSixthAxis.

Free DLC On The Way To Uncharted 2

Posted in PlayStation 3, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios with tags , on November 26, 2009 by James Love

To celebrate Thanksgiving in America, Naughty Dog have announced that a new Multiplayer map will be on it’s way to Uncharted 2 this week for free! The new map is called “The Fort” and is a throwback to the “Fortress” chapter of the original game, and is available in all Competitive Playlists and the Co-op Arena Playlist!

Along with the new map, the banner from the multiplayer menu has been replaced with player card showing your stats and more. Lastly, there is another Double XP weekend coming up this weekend too, so if you haven’t already, now is the time to dive into Uncharted 2!

Check out a video of the new DLC after the jump!

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2K Games Announces Borderlands DLC

Posted in 2k Games, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 with tags , on November 25, 2009 by James Love

2K Games announced today that the first game add-on content for Borderlands, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, is now available for download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Network for 800 Microsoft Points and £6.29, respectively.

Tasked with keeping the workers of Jakobs Cove alive, Dr. Ned does his job a little too well, creating flesh eating zombies and other ghastly abominations that now run rampant in this region. Players will have to work alongside Dr. Ned as they embark on an explosive journey to cure the decaying inhabitants of Jakobs Cove in this expansion filled with new formidable enemies, new grueling quests and rare loot drops.

“We are very excited to present fans of the highly acclaimed Borderlands with the first expansion,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned presents a bold new storyline that entertains and excites, and simultaneously ensures that fans still receive the same great gameplay experience that made the original game a success.”

WE CALLED IT: Dead Space 2 Reveal Coming on December 22nd

Posted in EA, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 with tags , on November 25, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

We called it. Never forget that.

We called it the other day with OPM, but now it’s official: Xbox World 360 has literally blown off the doors to Dead Space 2.

The teaser page of the magazine shows Issac’s suit, a big fat 2 and the quote:

“One of 2010′s Biggest Sequels.”

It really is official then. The only question is will them two get the jump on the reveal, will the VGAs get a tease before then, or will Game Informer get there before both? Only time will tell.

The issue goes on sale on December 22nd.

New Star Wars Title to Be Shown at VGAs

Posted in Lucasarts with tags on November 25, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

Keighley’s just the next reveal for the VGAs in a couple of weeks: Star Wars.

“Next Star Wars game to be announced at the VGAs on December 12th on Spike.”

What could it be? BioWare working on Knights of the Old Republic 3? Maybe even Battlefront 3?

The teaser Keighley linked to is here. Not much is there though. Just stuff from The Force Unleashed (we think) and The Old Republic from BioWare.

CONFIRMED: God Of War Collection Coming to EU 2010, “Not At The Start”

Posted in PlayStation 3 with tags , on November 25, 2009 by Chris Hawke

It’s been confirmed that the God Of War Collection, comprising of God Of War 1 & 2, both with graphical updates, will definitely be heading to Europe in 2010,  but not at the start of the year.

Speaking in the latest Official Playstation Magazine Podcast, at the 31:30 minute mark, the team reveal that Kratos will ship overseas in Europe next year.

“It’s definitely coming, it’s definitely coming next year, not in 2009 but 2010 at some point, not in the very beginning.”

The actual date remains a secret. The team also reveal that similar Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus packages may be in the works.

Episode 5 of the OPM Podcast is on iTunes now.

GOONL!NE Review: Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Posted in Reviews, Rockstar Games, Xbox 360, Xbox Live with tags , on November 25, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Also on: N/A (Xbox 360 exclusive)
Console Played on: Xbox 360
Release Date: Thursday October 29th 2009
Age Rating: BBFC 18

[Disclaimer: This is the review of the second piece of DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV. We downloaded it, like everyone else most likely, from Xbox Live Marketplace. We do however also have Episodes from Liberty City with us from Rockstar, which we will be reviewing soon after this. Stay tuned for the review.]

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