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CONFIRMED: A New Metal Gear is… A New Metal Gear Solid for iPhone

December 17, 2008

Did you rike it?

RUMOR: Metal Gear Solid 4 LittleBigPlanet Pack Coming Thursday

December 17, 2008


Video Game Awards 2008 – What Happened

December 15, 2008

Live coverage of the VGA’s 2008

November NPD Numbers Released: Wii Sells 2 Million, Xbox 360 Outsells PS3, LBP Falls Out of Top 10

December 12, 2008

Nintendo and Microsoft wish you a Merry Christmas, Sony don’t.

GOONL!NE Best of 2008 Awards – The Results

December 10, 2008

Who have you picked as your best of 2008?

Microsoft Looking to Paint E3 Red Again

December 8, 2008

Spencer reveals all.

Buy a PLAYSTATION 3 in Japan and Get a Resident Evil 5 Demo with it

December 2, 2008

Live in Japan? Still haven’t got a PS3? Want an plausable excuse to get one? Now you have one. Sony is putting on a great deal for you to get a PLAYSTATION 3. If you get a PS3 from December 18th, you get the choice of 2 demo discs, either white or red. The white [...]

GOONL!NE Best of 2008 – Best Game of 2008

December 1, 2008

So, this is it. This is the biggest award of the lot, this is the one which you pick to be the best game of the year of 2008. There are so many games that have come out this year but we have decided to pick 8 games that we think are the cream of [...]

GOONL!NE Best of 2008 – Lifetime Achievement Award: Hideo Kojima

November 24, 2008

Once in a blue moon, you get someone who has changed the gaming industry for the better with his or her idea’s which bring about a new way to play these games. One of them is a person we are honoring with this year’s GOONL!NE Lifetime Achievement Award. Creator of Boktai, Policnauts, Snatcher, Zone of [...]

GOONL!NE’s Best of 2008 – Best 3rd Party Game

November 22, 2008

It’s not just 1st party games which decide the outcome of consoles but it also hinges on 3rd party support, exclusive or not. And thats why these games, exclusive and not exclusive, are nominated for the Best 3rd Party Game.