RUMOR: Sucker Punch Developing inFamous 2

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infamousA new job listing has appeared on the website of developer Sucker Punch, which seems to hint at inFamous 2 being in pre-production.

The listing is for a “Lead Character Artist” on an unannounced project from the company. But its the listing which sounds a lot like inFamous.

“Should be aware of current urban style and street fashion.”

The listing also mentions as a 3rd person action game. And what was inFamous?

The game released in May this year and, while it is too late to review it here, we reckon this is a Game of the Year contender.

Thanks, PS3C.

Top 5 Game Reinventions

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borderlands box artGame reinventions, you say?

What are they? Well, it’s when a game and a developer love each other very much… so much, in fact, that the developers decide not to push out another average shelf-filler, but instead throw everything they’ve worked on in the bin, and start again; to craft a new game – free from the tyranny of poor graphics and dull gameplay; a new game, where players may prosper under it’s bountiful atmosphere and storylines; a new game, that actually gets respect, instead of just money – a new game! A good game! THIS IS SPARTA!

Or something.

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CONFIRMED: Square Enix to Publish Modern Warfare 2 in Japan

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COD MW2Square Enix has confirmed it’ll be publishing Modern Warfare 2 in Japan.

The move only applies to the games release in the country: Activision still publish the game elsewhere.

In case you’re wondering why Acti aren’t publishing the game in Japan itself, the company scrapped it’s Japanese arm a while back. Square will be publishing the Classics edition of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as well as Modern Warfare 2.

It comes as the published teased the move a bit and a half back.

More at Andriasang.

Super Pepsi Mario

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Ever wondered how big the games industry is? If you stopped and ask someone on the street what they thought of Final Fantasy going to Xbox, would you get a detailed answer or a dirty look…followed by court case?

Well, somewhere, someone, somehow, made a huge, 10-foot-tall picture of the 8-bit superstar Mario…from drink-packs. ‘Super Pepsi Mario’ was made in a supermarket in Northern California using Pepsi-packs all shapes and sizes. The end result is quite staggering, even if you do have to blur your eyes a bit.

Next? A three-storey picture of all the events in the Metal Gear Solid series. Made entirly from tweed.

Eye-Candy after the jump.

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Need For Speed: Shift Trailer Looks Fast, Beautiful

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NFS Shift

But then again, don’t all racers? It seems any driving game worth it’s salt has flashy bodywork and sun-lit tarmac, but Shift is striking quite a fine balance between realism and arcade-style play.

One other thing to note is how…good it looks. Not graphics-wise (those too), but it really does need reminding that this is a NEED FOR SPEED game. The same series that brought you this. From some cool cop chases and dreadful gameplay, Shift really deserves kudon for doing something new with the seires, instead of sticking to it’s rusty guns and making some quick cash – the cockpit-only view and minimal HUD will really add to the awesome.

I suppose it’s time for us to…‘Shift‘ up our expectations! Getddit? Geddit? Oh, shut up.

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Pre-Order Assassin’s Creed II, Become An Assassin

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Assassins Creed 2

Well, if becoming an Assassin just involves  kicking about in a white hoodie looking vaguely murderous, then you’re in luck.

Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi is offering an ‘Assassins Creed long sleeve hooded shirt’ with it’s collectors edition of Assassin’s Creed II. Not only does the hoodie not fall into the normal gaming clothing pitfall of actually having the name of the game on it, but actually looks like something you’d see Theo Walcott stumbling around London in.

It has the subtle Assassin’s Creed symbol at the bottom, and a long helix strand – all in all, it looks quite comfortable, hay resistant (lulz), and ‘sick’, as the kids say.

No word on a European or American version of the bundle, but it’s certainly better than the usual Collectors rubbish.

GOONL!NE Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Arkham Asylum boxart

Developer: Rocksteady
Also on:
Xbox 360
Console Played on:
PlayStation 3
Release Date:
Friday August 28th 2009
Age Rating:
BBFC 15, PEGI 16

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Splinter Cell: Conviction – Sam is… Keyboard Cat?

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splinter-cell-convictionUbisoft’s sent out a brand new video of Splinter Cell: Conviction from PAX.

Well, when we say new, its not really new, innit?

Its a remix of the E3 trailer with Keyboard Cat involved. No seriously, we’re not shitting you. Its after the jump if you don’t believe us.

Game’s out next year.

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EA Release New Mass Effect 2 Shots

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EA’s sent out four brand new screenshots of Mass Effect 2 from PAX for you to cry and weep at, as we anticipate the 2010 launch the game gets for the Xbox 360.

They’re after the jump.

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New MAG Trailer Released

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magSCEE’s released a brand new trailer of MAG, which contains some great gameplay, but crappy cheesy lines for the trailer, which were made by users from the PS Forum Community in Europe.

Catch it at the EU PS Blog. It’s out next year for PS3.

We’re going to see MAG in a couple of weeks in Dublin at a media only event. Are we excited? Yes! More on that soon in a couple of weeks.