GOONL!NE Review: EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis [and WiiMotionPlus]

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Developer: EA Sports
Publisher: EA Sports
Also on: N/A: (Timed Wii Exclusive, coming to PS3 & 360)
Console Played on: Nintendo Wii
Release Date: Friday June 12th 2009
Age Rating: PEGI 3

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Analyst: New GTA IV DLC in 2010, GTA V in 2011

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gta-iv-lost-and-damnedA senior analyst at Kauffman Bros Equity Research group has said that they expect two new DLC episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV next year with a 2011 release for Grand Theft Auto V.

Todd Mitchell said to GI that formats they were unsure about as far as the DLC went.

I would expect that there would be two more pieces of downloadable content for GTA IV, that’s what has been indicated to me, although formats are unsure. It’s been indicated to me that would be the case.

As for GTA V…

Coming out of E3 there was no commitment to a new Grand Theft Auto, and I think that’s because of Rockstar’s track record with delivering on time.

“Of the three, I’m least confident in saying for sure there will be a new GTA for PlayStation 2, but the track record shows that PSP titles have been repositioned [on PS2][Chinatown Wars for the PSP].

A second GTA IV DLC episode, The Ballad of Gay Tony, is coming this Fall to the Xbox 360.

Japanese Ninja Gaiden Sigma II Boxart Revealed

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Ninja Gaiden IITecmo’s release the boxart that will accompany Ninja Gaiden Sigma II to Japanese retail shelves on October 1st as was announced this week in Famitsu.

Catch it after the jump.

No release dates in the West yet though but it will be out this year for PLAYSTATION 3.

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Valve: No PS3 Teams Yet, But We’re Looking

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left-4-deadSince this gen kicked off, one developer has been a big absence on the PS3: Valve, and they wont pull no punches about it, PS3 is not for them, at least for now.

Doug Lombardi, head of PR at Valve, has said to CVG during a Left 4 Dead 2 event in London that they are looking for development teams for PLAYSTATION 3 development, but as it stands, they wont be bringing any more games to the system as it stands.

I think I’d use a little bit of the same answers. We look at it as if we were customers of this product, how would we want to be treated and what sort of product would we want out of it?

We’ve run a couple of experiments over the years of PlayStation in general; we did Half-Life on PS2 with an outside company and then we did Orange Box PS3 with an outside company. We weren’t able to deliver the same type of product on PS3 and PS2 for that matter that we were on the 360 and PC.

More after the break.

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Jovovich: Fourth Resident Evil Movie Coming

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Mila JovovichMilla Jovovich seems to have confirmed a 4th Resident Evil movie. The star made a very subtle hint as to what movie she was on next, holding up four fingers.

Catch the video for yourself after the jump, roughly 1:18 – 1:20 mark, thats when it starts. The movie is apparently subtitled Afterlife.

From ShockTillYouDrop, via VG247.


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Dante’s Inferno – First Real Time Footage

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Dante's InfernoEA’s released the first gameplay footage of Dante’s Inferno, all after the jump.

If you have lived under a rock since it’s reveal back in December, it’s Dead Space meets God of War if you wanna look at it that way.

It should be out next year for PS3 and 360.

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IGN Fuck Up Milo’s Head in Brand New Saitre Video

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peter-molyneux1Oh, Petey, when will you learn? Adopting someone Milo for a game is not a smart move, especially for paedos.

Like this video from IGN for example. It shows Jessica Chobot and IGN writers in the satire as they fuck with him (in Chobot’s case, literally). All we’re saying is take a look at the video after the jump, for shizz and gigglez.

The game was announced at E3 last month, as part of Project Natal.

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Grandmaster Flash Comes to DJ Hero – New Screenshots, Videos and Info

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dj-heroActivision’s announced that Grandmaster Flash will be involved with DJ Hero.

The popular DJ will be in the game, using his likeness and knowhow to work on the game’s tutorial. As well as that, 4 of his creations will be in the game, 2 of them will be mashed together to provide an almighty remix in Boom vs Tap. Meanwhile, Herbie Hancock Rockit will be going up against N.E.R.D’s Lapdance and Here Comes My DJ against Gary Numan’s Cars.

We have all new screenshots as well as two new gameplay videos for the game showcasing Flash. Check them after the jump.

It’s out this Fall for PS3 and 360.

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Capcom Release New Trailer and Screens for Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

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re-darkside-chroniclesCapcom’s released a brand new trailer for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the Wii.

It’s after the jump.

Game’s out before Christmas, it takes place during Resident Evil 2 with Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

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Battlefield 1943 Cover Art Revealed

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Battlefield 1943EA’s sent out the boxart for Battlefield 1943.

The game’s totally digital, so no boxed version, but this is what the cover art looks like when you boot it up on the Xbox 360 (or PC). PS3 version has no need for the boxart.

Get it after the jump.

Game was earlier confirmed for a release next week, alongside the release of a launch trailer as well.

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