Battlefield 1943 – Launch Trailer

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Battlefield 1943EA’s sent out a brand new trailer for Battlefield 1943, get it after the jump.

The game was confirmed earlier to come out next Wednesday and Thursday for PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace for £9.99/1200 MS Points.

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Battlefield 1943 Officially Dated [UPDATE]

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Battlefield 1943UPDATE: Launch trailer released.

Original Story: EA’s finally officially dated Battlefield 1943 for the PS3 and 360.

The game will hit Marketplace and PlayStation Network for £9.99/1200 MS Points on July 8th for Xbox Live Marketplace and July 9th for PlayStation Network, thats next Wednesday and Thursday. It will come in at 560MB to download. According to Battlefield 1943 producer, Gordon Van Dyke, the game sets a “new standard”.

Battlefield 1943 is going to change consumer expectations of what a downloadable game can be. By offering Frostbite’s next generation destruction technology with a full Vehicle Warfare FPS multiplayer experience at a mere 560MB, Battlefield 1943 sets a new standard.

Press release is after the jump.

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Ubisoft: Red Steel 2 “doesn’t function” on Other Consoles

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red-steelThe creative director for Red Steel 2, Jason Vandenberghe, has said the functionalty of the game is only possible on the Nintendo Wii. Vandenberghe, speaking in a fan Q&A with artistic designer Stephane Bachelet, said that the game doesnt function the way they want to without the Wiimote.

Red Steel 2 is Wii exclusive, and Wii MotionPlus exclusive. The core gameplay of intense, 1st-person swordplay simply doesn’t function the way we want it to without the Wii Remote.

Asked why the game is seperate from the first game, Vandenberghe states that there was several reasons behind the decision.

We want this game to be great. Towards that end, we spent a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears, really digging down into what worked and what didn’t in the first game. This is often a difficult process for game developers: examining your own work is challenging, but it’s really necessary to make the best possible title.

So, we felt that, at its heart, “Red Steel” was all about two main ideas: physically-immersive first-person combat with a sword and a gun, and a modern “East crashes into West” style of setting. We figured that if the new setting and characters were cool enough, while still retaining the core ideas, players would embrace them.

It’s out before Christmas, exclusive to the Wii. It will only work with the WiiMotionPlus, which is why Ubisoft has seen fit to include it with the game as standard when it ships.

Tekken 6 Collectors Editions Announced for UK

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tekken-6Atari have announced two special collectors editions for Tekken 6, one which includes the arcade stick edition which was announced back when the US version of the game was dated earlier this month. The bundle with the arcade stick, thats the Hori Tekken arcade stick to be specfic, will go on sale for £150 alongside the game and artbook. It will be for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The second edition is a special edition is the game and a hoodie designed by the development team, which comes in at (cha-ching!) under £70. That one is also for PS3 and 360.

Catch the screens for the arcade sticks, and press release, after the jump.

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RUMOR: Brutal Legend Wii in Development But Canceled

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brutal-legendAny Wii owners still holding hope for a Brutal Legend Wii, either buy a PS3 or 360 or live without it, its not happening.

According to Destructoid, there was a version at work for the Wii, alas from EA but not from Tim Schafer and Double Fine, but it was canned due to quailty and technical reasons. Word is also in that assistance testers who recently jumped to DF from EA were recently laid off.

You may wanna ask Schafer about it later this afternoon, he’s doing a livetext interview with Eurogamer from 4pm BST.

It’s out October/Rocktober 16th for PS3 and 360.

Battlefield 1943 Date to Be Confirmed Tomorrow [UPDATE]

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Battlefield 1943UPDATE: EA UK has confirmed to GOONL!NE that an official announcement will be coming at 2pm BST.

Original Story: EA’s confirmed that they’ll be sharing the release date for Battlefield 1943 tomorrow (July 2nd).

A teased on their Twitter page states that the announcement comes tomorrow with even hints to a date on XBL and PSN.

The most asked question on our twitter page will be revealed July 2nd! Hint, BF1943 Releases July **th ’09 on X360 & July **th ’09 on PS3!

Having looked at our calendar, we’re hedging bets for July 15th on Xbox Live and July 16th on the PlayStation Store. We’ll find out anyways tomorrow. We have review code on the way from EA anyways, expect a full review before launch.

God of War III Featured in Famitsu

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God of War IIIFamisu has a couple of scans showing God of War III in the latest issue.

The game is featured in what appears to be a E3 report of Sony’s press conference at the show, having shown Agent and thensome as seen in the scans, there of which are after the jump.

Game’s out in March 2010 for PS3, its Kratos’ last stand innit.

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FIFA 10 – Debut Teaser Trailer

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FIFA 2010That didn’t take long, did it?

EA have released the debut teaser trailer for FIFA 10. It’s a short one, but we’re pumped just by seeing it, considering FIFA 09 is one of the best games of 09, easily beating Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 to the football crown. Catch the trailer after the jump.

It’s most likely out in October for PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

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Kojima: Castlevania Involvement is for “support”

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kojimaHideo Kojima has spoken out in this week’s Famitsu (via 1UP) on his involvement with Castlevania: Lords of  Shadow.

The game, revealed to be a Castlevania game at E3 and one of the 3 myserious games the Kojima Productions head teased about before the show alongside two new Metal Gear Solid games in Rising and Peace Walker,  isnt in development at Kojima Productions and is actually being done by MercuryStream for the PS3 and 360, but Koj does insist that his studio are playing a “support role”.

Kojima Productions is playing more of a support role. Castlevania is one of Konami’s most important brands, one that’s seen many releases since the original, and they’ve all been received warmly, but there’s never been a Castlevania created to really satisfy Western gamers. People like Dave [Cox, game's producer] were influenced by Castlevania to become game designers, and now they’re making titles like God of War. This has become a big project, one with the idea that we needed to make a Castlevania which had that same kind of feverish Western support, and that’s why Kojima Productions came in to help.

It’s out next year.

Last FM for Xbox 360 Outlined

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Last FMMicrosoft has outlined it’s plans for music service, Last FM, when the service launches on the Xbox 360 this Fall alongside Facebook and Twitter in the Fall update.

GM for Xbox Live, Christina DeRosa, talked to Joystiq about it, citing that both Gold and Silvers will be able to enjoy the service, but DeRosa states that you need to upgrade to Gold to get the full Last FM experience as Silver’s will only be able to get 3 hours of the service per month.

Silver users will be able access what we’re considering a trial period of three hours a month, which comes with video advertising. Gold users will have unlimited ad-supported access, so they can use it 24 hours a day.

DeRosa webt on to say that Last FM subscriptions will also be available for any user on Last FM on Xbox Live, so if you have subscription from them, you can live the ultimate dream.

There will also be a premium offering on a subscription basis from, that will be commercial free and will also have more sophisticated personalization features, like Loved Tracks.”

Dont worry though, if you can bare the 3 hours per month thing, membership to Last FM is free.