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Why GOONL!NE Hasn’t Been Updated

Posted in Announcements, GOONL!NE Stuff with tags , , , on July 16, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

Okay, here is why GOONL!NE has stopped updating for you.

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Bank Holiday Monday Here on GOONL!NE

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It’s a Bank Holiday on GOONL!NE today (May 25th), both in the UK and the US. In the UK, it’s just a standard Bank Holiday but in the US, it’s Memorial Day. Normally, we hate Bank Holiday’s, it drives us mad as fuck, knowing that we aint gonna get any news somewhat, or a lack of therefore, but this one time we welcome it.

E3 is next week and we need to be ready for the influx of stuff thats coming in, so just this one time, Bank Holiday Monday is muchos welcomos. We’re still updating the site today, but not as much as we normally do.  However, to get you ready for E3 next week, GOONL!NE will be posting the top 10 E3 moments of this generation so far from tonight and all this week, ending with a double bill before the Nintendo and Sony conferences next Tuesday.

We’re so excited, we need to calm down today. Sorry.

GOONL!NE’s E3 2009 Coverage

Posted in Announcements, E3 2009, GOONL!NE Stuff, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 with tags , , , , , , , on May 17, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

ms-ffxiii-e308Well gang, in just over 2 weeks time, that glorious illustrious event known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or to you and me; E3, will kick off from June 2nd – June 4th, and of course GOONL!NE will cover every nook and cranny from it to give you the latest updates from E3 2009 at the LA Convention Center.

Oh how I wish I was rich enough to fly thee Irish arse to LA and be at E3 myself… someday…

Anyways, just to give you a heads up, I’ve decided to give you the schedule to all of the conferences as GOONL!NE will once again be doing live-text’s for E3. We have the 3 big conferences from MS, Sony and Nintendo tied down as well as several publishers, although specfics on the publisher press conferences are tbc, but needless to say, come the big 3, it’s megatonville. As they would say in Top Gun, “watch the mountains!”

Here’s the specifcs on the press conferences from the big 3.



Posted in Announcements, GOONL!NE Stuff with tags , , , , on April 28, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

Well, we mentioned it when we brought in the new GOONL!NE domain, but it didnt have its own post before, so here we are again to tell you that GOONL!NE is hiring once again.

E3 is just around the corner and we need editors and contributors to help handle the site. As well as that, we also have an impending relaunch coming in the summer, so all hands on deck, sir!

If your interested, after the break, more info.

GOONL!NE Rings in New Changes with New Domain and Recruitment Drive

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So you no doubt may have noticed our brand new changes starting to come in now for GOONL!NE, especially with a domain over our shoulder now, hmm? Well, its not just the domain thing now, its now onto the redesign, coming sometime in the early summer.

But while we’re waiting for that, we’re gonna be on a recruitment drive. We’re looking for a bunch of fresh writers to give you your daily dose of console gaming news and reviews as well as previews and more. Here’s what you need.

- To be over 16
- To actually be decent at English
- Be very active on the site

For more info, drop me an email using my personal addy, , my GOONL!NE addy doesnt seem to work right now, and the old Hotmail we used for GOONL!NE has been discontinued . Till then, read the press release we just published (we wanna be professional, give us a bit of credit) after the jump.

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Guess what people? GOONL!NE is no longer known as that crappy WordPress domain nom ore, nuh uh. Instead, its now known as GOONL! Feels good doesnt it? Also, email addys now, we have! Yip, if you wanna reach us, contact the emails now but truth be told, only one email has been set up right now and thats mine. But hey, use that one for now, its .

I’ll update this post to reflect the changes when the emails are up. Finally, we’re now on a recruitment drive but more on that later tonight. Till then, it’s only the start of things, hope you like them.

Jonathan Cullen
Managing Editor, GOONL!NE

GOONL!NE is Changing

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I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll, this time. I feel my luck could change.

- Radiohead – Lucky.

Okay, it’s not meant to represent one person, its meant to represent GOONL!NE, the truth of the matter is that GOONL!NE is on a big and great roll… and it’s gonna change, alot.

And when I say alot, I actually do mean alot.

So, how so? Find out all of it after the jump.

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