New BioShock 2 Trailer Released

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2K Games have just released a brand new trailer for BioShock 2. The new video reveals a brand new villains along with new enemies (like Brute’s and the Big Sister’s in action), weapons (the rivet gun looking especially fun) and the always-gorgeous Rapture looking even better than ever, with parts of it being reclaimed by the sea.

With the global hands-on embargo being lifted on Thursday, expect masses of info be released on it. Check out the new trailer after the jump!

BioShock 2 launches on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360  February 9th 2010

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RUMOR: Wii HD To Come Autumn 2010?

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Our friends over at Connected Consoles have revealed that the ‘Wii HD’ is due for an autumn 2010. In Gametrailer’s ‘Bouns Round’, Geoff Keighley said “The Wii HD is not coming this year, it’s coming next fall right Pachter?“, Michael Pachter then responded with “Yes, next fall“.

Will it hold out against the PS3 or 360? We’ll have to wait and see…

Is Modern Warfare 2 Out Already?

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Modern Warfare 2

We knew this would happen. It seems one lucky PS3 owner has somehow managed to get a copy of the game, and even unlock a trophy for it. The shaky video is after the jump, but be prepared to get jealous…

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Mission Unlock Codes

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Same old missions in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising getting a little stale? Need something new? Well, unless you pre-ordered the game from 4 different retailers, you won’t have unlocked all the short-but-sweet single missions. We’ve pulled out all the stops to bring the mountain to Muhammad, so just pop into ‘Extras’ in the main menu and type in these bonus codes:

(case sensitive)

Have fun killin’.

First EA MMA Video Coming 7th November

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, EA have revealed that a ‘first look video’ will be premiered on the 7th November.

“EA SPORTS MMA will be releasing a first look video during the Nov 7th Strikeforce broadcast on CBS”

Set your alarm clocks.

‘Into The Pink’ Not Coming To PSN

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Speaking exclusively to GOONL!NE, Michal Staniszewski of the demo group Plastic revealed that Into The Pink, the next project by the company, would not be coming to consoles.

Linger In Shadows, by the Polish Plastic, was released on the Playstation Store in October 2008. You may remember it as ‘That weird video with the cat’. A six-minute long video involving a cat, dog, floating mask, smoke monster and an abandoned city could be ‘controlled’ by the viewer at certain points. It was odd, cheap, and very well received.

Their second project, Into The Pink, was revealed on the 14th October 2008 on PC, but little was known about a console release. Plastic told us;

“Unfortunately “Into The Pink” is PC only production. As for our newest productions – we made a a small interactive intro for both “God Of War Collection” and “God Of War 3 demo” that will be available soon. But it’s a smaller caliber production”

So there you have it. No more weirdness on PSN, but at least Kratos will get to enjoy some interactive blood flow.

New Final Fantasy XIII Screens

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Final Fantasy XIII

Some more screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII have emerged, courtesy of GamiKaze. They show some stunning snow, massive monsters, big battles and terrible translations. Click to link to see them all.

RUMOUR: New Elder Scrolls Game Revealed

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Greg Keyes. Heard of him? You have now. He’s an author, mostly adding his own unique spin on the Star Wars universe. But now Kotaku have found his book called ‘The Infernal City’. Here’s the blurb:

“A novel that takes places forty-five years after the Oblivion Crisis, which is the story of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game and the expansion pack Shivering Isles. It partly bridges the gap for the next game, which is set 200 years after the Oblivion crisis.”

So, if this piece of literature is to be believed, you could be reading the plot of the Elder Scrolls V before the game comes out. A bit like Harry Potter.

GOONL!NE Review: Borderlands

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Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games
Console Played on: PlayStation 3
Also on: Xbox 360
Release Date: October 23rd 2009 (EU)
Age Rating: BBFC 18

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BASE Jumping In The Ballad of Gay Tony Detailed

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ballad of gay tony

Following on from the new trailer we posted yesterday from The Ballad of Gay Tony, we’ve a massive info blow-out about the BASE jumping mode from it. BASE jumping features in the single player campaign in BoGT as well as online multiplayer.

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