Bungie “close” to Securing Publishing Deal with New IP

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master-chiefBungie has confirmed to Eurogamer that the developer is “close” to securing a publishing deal to a brand new IP being developed by the studio, according to Lars Bakken.

The info comes by way of a press event held for Halo 3: ODST in London.

I think internally we’ll know sometime soon. I don’t handle these things, but I’d imagine we’re going to know way before we make the public announcement of who’s handling that! But sure, I think those talks are, I guess, close.

The new IP has been kept secret, but development for it has been at work for sometime now. The official announcement came last year when Halo 3: ODST was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show. It’ll be their first game, which doesnt have the word “Halo” for a decade and their 3rd most likely since they were released from their contract as a 1st party studio with Microsoft Games Studio.

Bakken also went on record to state that ODST and Halo: Reach, the Halo game set before Halo: Combat Evolved revealed at E3, will be the last projects they will do on the Halo universe.

“In terms of a platform for Halo games made by Bungie, yes. I can’t answer that question for Microsoft though. Whether they have something in the works or not, I don’t know if they’re actually ready to talk about it yet, but in terms of Bungie-produced Halo games, ODST and then Reach is probably all you’re going to get.

All control of the IP is being handed by a new studio, 343 Industries. Set up by MGS specfically for the Halo IP, it’ll be led by former Bungie alumni, Frankie O’Connor. Former id vet Corrine Yu and Koji Pro old timer Ryan Payton are also apart of the studio, assumingly for the Halo Chronicles project we’ve heard very little about.

There is some new screens and video about on ODST, we’ll have them up tomorrow.

Kaz Hirai Snags Tokyo Game Show Keynote

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TGS 09As Heath Ledger once said, here we… go.

SCEI president Kaz Hirai has been confirmed as the main keynote speaker for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. It’ll be the first keynote from Sony in two years, their third in four years with Hirai last doing the keynote in 2007, the year then SCEI president Ken Kutaragi keynoted.

Last year’s keynote was done by John Schappert who was at the time of the keynote corporate vice president of Xbox.

Hirai’s keynote is title “New Tactics for 2009″ and will kick off at 10:30am, preceeded by a panel involving Capcom, Bandai Namco, Square Enix and Sony.

Is there a hint in the keynote title? PS3 Slim (if not in Cologne)? Price cut? RIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER 8?

Uncharted 2 European Date NOT October 23rd

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Uncharted 2We think this is the part where we do an epic facepalm. Ready? 1… 2… 3…


Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra has retracted the October 23rd date that he actually gave for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in Europe in another .

The european Uncharted 2 release date is NOT Oct-23, it will be announced soon.

Dude, we’re looking forward to the game alot, but please stop diddying about and give a date for Europe. Pwetty pwease?

US got a date this week, October 13th.

Lost Planet 2 Screens Straight from ComicCon

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lost-planet-2Capcom’s sent some ‘wuvly screens of Lost Planet 2 from ComicCon, get them after the jump.

Game’s out early 2010 for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3.

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Reviews on GO – Fully Explained

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GO ReviewsThere is something we havent really discussed here on GOONL!NE. We’ve touched on it, but barely talked abou it.

That is until now. The subject in question being our reviews and what and how we review them.

First off, we’ll be honest. Since the start of GOONL!NE back in January 2008, we’ve had very little lack of review code coming in from publishers due to us being at the bottom of the food chain.

*dont X yet, this was before. Dont you wanna hear the after?*

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Behemoth’s Third Game Properly Shown for First Time

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Game #3The Behemoth’s shown properly for the first time their 3rd game which is currently in development.

Kind of hard to tell what it’s based on, but it does use the same art style of both their previous projects, Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers.

But there is more info and a gameplay demo at GameSpot.

No title, no platforms yet. Just a release for 2010 so far, although we assume this will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade first followed then by a PSN release soon after, especially so since last night.

A prototype gameplay demo was shown in December.

Borderlands Gets October 23rd EU Date

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borderlands2k’s confirmed that it’s releasing Borderlands on October 20th in the US and October 23rd in the UK, EU, Austraila and elsewhere.

Thats it pretty much. But there is more info over at GameSpot.

Guerrilla: We’re Going to “step back” from Killzone 2

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killzone-2-4Guerrilla Games’ Sebastian Downie has confirmed on the EU PS Blog that the studio will be taking a break from Killzone 2, the day their 3rd map pack, Napalm & Petrisite, is released on the PSN.

Right now we’re going to take a step back from Killzone 2.

We’ve been working non-stop since the disc version was released on patches, DLC and http://www.killzone.com updates, so need some time to reflect on what is actually out there

What next for the studio? Who knows.

343 Industries Formed to Oversee Halo Series

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master-chiefMicrosoft have formed a brand new 1st party studio known as 343 Industries, formed specfically to oversee the Halo series.

The studio will be headed by ex-Bungie alumni, Frankie O’Connor.

If you look at how George Lucas held on to Star Wars, not just to make money from action figures but to control the direction the universe went in, you can see why we think it’s pretty vital. Luckily, Microsoft has the resources to enable us to do that.

More at the LA Times.

We assume this is also now the same studio former id developer Corrine Yu and former Kojima Productions vet Ryan Payton are now posted under, the latter being attached to the mysterious Halo: Chronicles, the project from Peter Jackson.

It was 10 years to the day yesterday since the original Halo was announced.

TSA’s 360>PS3 Game is Castle Crashers

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CC PS3Remember the story TheSixthAxis ran (in which turn, we did) in which it said a former 360 exclusive would be coming to PS3?

Well, it’s no Mass Effect, but it’s still a big one: Castle Crashers.

The Behamoth’s former XBLA exclusive was announced at their ComicCon panel and GameSpot has all the juicy details. Will we see their brand new secret project due for release next year at CC? Hard to tell, but we’ll ask regardless.