RUMOR: Battlefield 1943 Not Available to Buy for 360 Right Now

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Battlefield 1943Battlefield 1943 has had its problems in the past 24 hours, admittingly, but is it more serious then it looks?

According to Planet Battlefield, the game’s price has been signifigantly increased from 1200 MS points to 90000 MS points. Which practically means, unless your Bill Gates, you cant buy the game if you havent already done so. Which makes us question why up the price instead of taking it down from Live for a while?

And also according to them, the counter for the 43 million kill challenge, in which both PS3 and 360 owners come together and try and rack up 43 million kills to unlock a 4th map in the game, has already begun counting down. The count wasnt due to start till tomorrow night.

More through PB.

FUEL to Get 360/PS3 Demo Today

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FUELCodemasters has just sent out a press release confirming that it’s off road racer FUEL will get a demo release later on this afternoon on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The demo has a career event, Ocean Rush, as well as a Challenge known as Blitz, and there will be Online in the demo for up to 2 weeks.

PR is after the break. FUEL’s out now on PS3 and 360.

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BioWare’s Muzyka: DAO on Consoles to Be “same deep experience” as PC

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BioWare Dr'sOne of the good BioWare Dr’s, CEO and president of EA’s newly found RPGMMO division, Ray Muzyka has said that Dragon Age: Origins will be the “same deep experience” on consoles as it is on the PC version, speaking to GameTrailers.

It’s the same deep rich experience on both systems [PS3/360 and PC], we’re not compromising anything on PC or on console. The fans are gonna get a great game either way.

Muzyka also said that the controls have been “customised” and “handcrafted” for all 3 SKUs.

One of the things we’re doing is we’re really focusing on making sure the controls on console and PC are customised, handcrafted and really feel really appropriate for the kinds of players that want to play different versions of the game.

Earlier, Muzyka seemed to have confirmed a October 23rd date for the game on PS3 and 360 in Europe. As the time of writing this, we’ve asked EA to confirm it. Catch the interview after the jump.

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Dragon Age: Origins Dated October 23rd in Europe

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Dragon AgeHello, what do we have here? According to BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka, in an interview with GameTrailers, Dragon Age: Origins has been dated for October 23rd in Europe.

We know there was a date given for the US, October 20th, but as far as we know, there was no date given for Europe. We were doing another story on the same interview when we picked it up (more on that here). Anyways, according to Muzyka, they are planning a “simultaneous release” for the game, thats where date slip happened.

One of the things we do at the end of a development cycle is we polish and tune the controls, so they’re just right, and we’re doing that right now on 360, PS3 and PC as well. It’s turning out great, we’re planning for a simultaneous release launch, October 20th in North America and October 23rd in Europe for 360, PS3 and PC, and all the versions are playing extremely well.

We’ve checked in with EA to confirm this.

Battlefield 1943 Launches This Evening on PSN

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Battlefield 1943Having launched yesterday on Xbox Live Marketplace, Battlefield 1943 launches on the PlayStation Network tonight in it’s Thursday update. We have the PSN version already, with thanks and love to TheSixthAxis for last night, catch our review of it sometime next week.

However, if you do decide to get the PSN version, we’d advise a bit of skeptisim: servers for the Xbox Live version were jampacked yesterday. However, EA DICE has now increased the server load for the game, on both the XBL and PSN version’s of the game, according to this forum post on the EA forums.

And already, the PSN version seems to be already out thanks to the Japanese Store update (as pointed out by TSA). We advise taking a peek around it first as it looks like it is the demo for the game before buying the full version later on tonight.

And it’s in English as well. Go take a look.

Singularity Gets Jumped by Modern Warfare 2, Moved to Q1 2010

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SingularityAnd so the game of cat & mouse, to see who gets delayed and who comes out in the Fall, begins and it kicks off with Activision.

They’ve delayed their brand new FPS time tripping IP from Raven Software, Singularity. But why, you ask, did it get delayed? For another of Acti’s games, it’s biggest game this Autumn and probably the Fall’s biggest blockbuster, Modern Warfare 2 from Infinity Ward.

The game now moves into a Q1 2010 slot. A Acti rep told GameSpot that they moved the game to Q1 so they could let Modern Warfare 2 “dominate this Holiday season”.

It’ll be released for PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. Thats that then.

BioWare ”totally behind” the PLAYSTATION 3

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Dragon AgePS3 ownersm your wait for a game from BioWare is coming to an end soon with the release of Dragon Age: Origins this Autumn, and BioWare couldnt be more excited to develop for the console.

Dr. Greg Zeschuk, co-founder of BioWare and Vice-President of EA, has said to Videogamer that it’s ”exciting” to finally be developing for the console.

“It’s new. Because we already had experience on 360, that kind of got ahead a little bit, but now we pretty much caught up. Actually it was very exciting. People on the team were really pumped to work on it. They were like, wow. We have a lot of people that like doing new stuff and trying new things, and they were like, wow another platform, can’t wait! It’s been good.”

He also says in the interview that the PS3 is now something they’re ”totally behind”.

“It’s going to be exciting having a PS3 game out finally. We only did one PS2 game – MDK2 on PS2. It’s not like we have anything against Sony by any stretch. It’s just that from a publishing perspective we worked with Microsoft for five years – that made it so easy to focus on Xbox and we didn’t have to worry about the PlayStation platforms. But now, since being part of EA, it just makes complete sense. It’s something we’re totally behind.”

This may add more wood to the fire that BioWare are looking at possibilly bringing over the Mass Effect trillogy, or to an extent at least Mass Effect 2, to Sony’s console after it emerged last night the ME IP was owned by EA, and not Microsoft Games Studios. But it may not happen just yet, according to BioWare.

It’s out this Autumn for PS3 & 360.

Final Fantasy XIII Voted Most Wanted Game by Readers of Famitsu

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Final Fantasy XIIIIn an ironic piece of buuuurn, days before the game is out in Japan, Dragon Quest IX for the DS is no longer Famitsu’s No. 1 most wanted game, that goes to another Square Enix game: Final Fantasy XIII.

The PS3 only release in Japan retook the No. 1 spot on the list, while DQIX took No. 2 on the list. Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii rounds off the top 3 at 3. Other noticeable entries include Dragon Quest X for the Wii, comes in at 4, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a game we need to start seeing again, for the PS3 at No.6, Tales of Vesperia PS3 at 8 and, quite surprisingly considering we dont know if it’s been canned or not, the PS3 version of The Last Remnant manages to make it into the Top 10 at 10.

There’s also a whole shitload of games in the list like Bayonetta, Gran Turismo 5, Dead Rising 2, Gears of War 2 (which is a surprise) and Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which is very surprising considering we know fuck all about it. Then again, the same can be said for DQX and TLR PS3.

Full top 30 is after the jump. Via GAF.

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Tales of Vesperia PS3 Demo Coming Next Week

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tales-of-vesperiaNamco’s announced that’ll be bringing a demo of the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia to the Japanese PS Store as of Monday, July 13th.

The news comes by way of .

The game touches ground on September 17th for the PS3. So far, no Western plans for the game, other then a release for the Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago. It’s being published by Namco-Bandai.

BioWare: EA (and Not MGS) “owns” the Mass Effect IP

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ME2There’s hope yet for PLAYSTATION 3 owners, looking to get a sweet fix of that juicy Mass Effect 2, it might still come to that big black box yet.

According to Joystiq, when they talked to BioWare’s Matt Atwood, he confirmed that the game was still being released as a 360 exclusive alongside the PC, he did confirm that EA, and not Microsoft Games Studios who published Mass Effect 1 for the 360 two years ago, own the IP after they bought BioWare a year and a half ago.

Yes. EA owns the rights to Mass Effect.

And there ya have it, believe PS3 owners.

It’s out 2010 for 360 though as it stands.