Metal Gear Solid 4 – One Year On

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Friday February 29th 2008: I’m in an internet cafe, early that Friday morning. Konami were more then likely all set to announce the release date of Metal Gear Solid 4. When it was announced on a brand new Kojima Productions podcast (back when Ryan Payton was hosting), worldwide for June 12th, needless to say, I was quite happy as I knew that the first two weeks of June would be awesome. Plus, they avoided June 6th as a release date, which was great enough for me. Why? I didnt want the game to come out the weekend I went to see Radiohead the week before MGS4′s release.

But they did avoid it, Radiohead was awesome and now the waiting game was on for Metal Gear Solid 4: my most antcipated game not just of last year, but this gen. Needless to say, I wasnt dissapointed with the game at all, infact, I was more then happy with it, you can read my review for it here. But a year to the day since Metal Gear Solid 4 was released worldwide, does the game still hold up to be not just one of the finest games on the PS3 or this gen, but of all time?

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No More MGS: Rising Till E3 2010

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Rising 2So, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, announced last week at the Microsoft press briefing during E3 to a massive amount of shock (ourselves included). But very little info was given other then Raiden would be returning as the main character. So, when would we hear more info on the game? GamesCOM? Tokyo Games Show? To bluntly answer your question: neither, no more info on the game will be released until E3 2010.

In an interview with Famitsu, producers working on the newly announced Metal Gear Arcade (an arcade version of Metal Gear Online for PS3) said that more info wont be coming until next year’s E3 and thats not even under a year away yet, next’s year’s E3 takes place between June 14th – June 17th 2010.

So sadly, looks like it’s just Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to tide us over, if any MGS game is to be shown during GC or TGS. That said… we still want Zone of the Enders 3. The news comes as Metal Gear Solid 4 celebrates its one year anniversary worldwide this week.

CONFIRMED: Battlefield 3 in Development at EA

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bad-company-2EA’s announced Battlefield 3.

So far, no release date’s been given for the game (other then it wont be out this year), nor platforms (except PC, but there will be a console version eventually), but the game was announced at the William Blair Growth Stock Conference by EA COO, John Pleasant, with DICE once again developing the game.

I’ve had the luxury of looking at Battlefield 3 over at DICE in Sweden and was highly impressed by the way the team is working on that product. Of course, that’s not [coming out] in the fiscal year, but that is a product that is looking very good.

So, anybody protesting for BF3 after BF:BC2 and Battlefield 1943, your prayers have been answered.

More on G4.

CONFIRMED: Criterion Working on New and “revolutionary” Need for Speed

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Criterion GamesCriterion Games are working on a brand new Need for Speed, which is promised to be “revolutionary”. Thats the confirmation that came from EA CEO John Riccitiello, speaking to Kotaku at E3. The project is being led by the head of the Burnout team, Alex Ward.

Alex is one of the people in the industry I would analogize to the great filmmakers, etc. He is a true creative visionary. We had a great fight about what the next Need For Speed would be like. Of course, he gets to win because it’s his call. It’s not that I’m without an opinion on it.

And anybody looking for a NFS-Burnout hybrid.

1 – Your an idiot for thinking that.
2 – :

I don’t think you can fold Burnout into Need for Speed, because a lot of people like Burnout. We don’t have a plan right now for a separate major launch on Burnout, because the team doing it is working on a revolutionary take on Need for Speed. I don’t know, if Paramount, in addition to owning Star Trek owned Star Wars, which isn’t the way it is, I don’t think you’d merge them.

There you have it. This one will be out in 2010 probably as the next Need for Speed game, Shift, will be out in September for PS3 & 360, headed up by the head of EA Europe and the head of DICE, Patrick Soderland.

The Last Guardian – New Screenshots

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Only 8 days after the official reveal for the game, new screenshots have come out of The Last Guardian. You find them here.

It wont be out till next year in Europe and US (could yet make 09 in Japan though). Catch the E3 announcement for it here.

Max Payne 3 GI Scans Released

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Max Payne 3

Already, someone’s had scans of the Max Payne 3 feature announced overnight from GI. Okay, not quite scans, pictures more like as we cant read from them. However, they were found on a place where you now wouldnt think of finding them: the community forums of Remedy Games.

The screens on the forums for the developer of Alan Wake, who also happen to be the original developer of Max Payne 1 & 2 (Rockstar Vancouver are working on this one, due to Remedy having Alan Wake) show alot more screenshots then info, and even then, its claimed that not alot of info is given except what we know, but there are two tidbits of info not given yet:

  • The game takes place 12 years after Max Payne 2, although if what happens between MP2 and MP3 will be in the game is unknown.
  • There will be a cover system for the game.

Catch the massive amount of scans/screens after the jump. It’s out this  Winter on PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.

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New Final Fantasy XIII Info from Famitsu [UPDATE]

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lightning-1UPDATE: Scans are out, but they hold nothing of interest other then the interview of Toriyama-san, so not worth their own article. They’re after the jump if you wanna see them though.

Original Story: We’re still waiting on the promised scans, but new info has emerged of Final Fantasy XIII from Famitsu.

Alongside an interview with writer Motomu Toriyama, the new info we have states:

  • In the game, any summon can transform.
  • The driving mode with Shiva (catch the screens involving Snow and Shiva here) is pretty much like an action game. Use the sticks to move around freely, the buttons to attack.
  • Wanna know what Odin, Lightning’s summon, transform into? Tough, it’s a secret ()
  • The crystals involving Snow and Lightning? Snow’s is shaped in the form of a heart, Lightning’s is a rose.
  • Know that kid who was arguing with Snow during the E3 trailer (and whom we got a tease of before Christmas)? He’s half the age of Snow, more info will be revealed on him in the summer.
  • Vanille’s i’Cie mark? It’s somewhere secret with Toriyama stating it’s in “an amazing place” (cant be where we think it is? THINK OF THE CHILDREN, SQUARE!). However, Lightning’s i’Cie mark is in around her *ahem* boobs.
  • The relationship between Lightning and Snow is a mystery, but we’ll know more about it soon.

Like we said, we’re still waiting on the scans, so hold your breath till then.

This one’s out this Winter in Japan for the PS3, Spring 2010 elsewhere for PS3 & 360.

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New Final Fantasy XIV Scan from Famitsu

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Final Fantasy XIVA new scan of Final Fantasy XIV has emerged from Famitsu, catch it after the jump.

It has two tidbits of new info.

  • The game’s planning stages goes back as far as 4 years ago (2004/2005 probably)
  • The world in FFXIV will be different then that of Final Fantasy XI

This was a gigaton announcement at E3 last week, exclusive (for now) to the PLAYSTATION 3 and coming as an MMO in 2010.

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New Lost Planet 2 Scans from Famitsu

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lost-planet-2Some new scans for Lost Planet 2 have emerged from Famitsu, get them after the jump.

It’s out this Winter for PS3 & 360 in Japan, early 2010 in the west, same platforms.

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New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Scans from Famitsu

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hideo-kojimaNew scans have emerged of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow from Famitsu, get them after the jump.

This is the Castlevania game Kojima’s overlooking by the by with Mercurystream doing development of it.

Out next year for PS360.

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