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New Direct Feed Final Fantasy XIII Screens Show Sazh and Lightning Together

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If you have read the new scans of Famitsu this week, you’d have seen new details and screens of new character Sazh Kalzroy (with his baby chocobo) alongside Lightning in cut-scenes and gameplay. Now, Famitsu have released them screenshots on their website.

They’re after the jump.

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First Previews Roll in as Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned is Priced

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The world’s first hands on previews are coming in for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned with the game now over 3 weeks away from release on February 17th.

However, before the hands on articles came out, it was revealed that the game will only cost 1600 MS Points which is roughly £12 – £14 so all you need to get is 2100 MS Points and have enough left over for a film on Marketplace.

As well as that, new info emerged in the previews tonight.

Mysterious Final Fantasy XIII Countdown Begins

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SCEE Confirm Killzone 2 Bundle, Reliterate February 27th Date

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SCEE have gone on record to confirm the Killzone 2 bundle that we posted about last weekend does exist and will be released day and date with the game itself.

Talking with Videogaming 247,  SCEE said the bundle would be out on February 27th. They also reliterated the fact that the game will be out on February 27th after GOONL!NE broke the original news on the release date for the game.

Well, its still great to hear the game is coming Feb 27th. It’s our 2nd most antcipated game of 2009, we’re super excited for it… we honestly cant say anything else because we cant find anything to say or praise about the game.

Killzone 2 Euro game and bundle dates confirmed [Update] [Videogaming 247]

Missed Obama’s Inauguration? Watch it on Xbox Live Now

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Did you miss yesterday’s historic event when America’s 44th president, and it’s 1st black president, Barack Obama was sworn in?

No sweat, Xbox Live has you covered.

If you in the US (or have a US XBL account), you can watch the inauguration by going to Spotlight and selecting Presidential Picks. There, you get to see the swearing in of Obama as well as Vice President, Joe Bidden and more.

Easy peasy.

Achievements for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Revealed

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It’s not far now till GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, it’s probably the most antcipated DLC this year even though that GTA IV isnt played as much anymore due to the fact that the game is pretty much hated by half of the gamer population for being overhyped.

But Grand Theft Auto IV was still a decent game and thats why The Lost and Damned is hopefully gonna make it better with a new story, new soundtrack and new achievements which have been revealed today.

*WARNING: There could be spoilers after the jump*

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God of War III Previews Coming Next Month

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God of War III, one of the most antcipated titles on the PLAYSTATION 3 and yet, we dont know diddly squat from it so far except a CGI trailer, a gameplay trailer and the fact that its the last game in the GOW trillogy.

But now, we may know a couple of more things come next month if anything according to several outlets.

According to Kotaku and Videogaming 247, they state that select press from the US and Europe will be shown a sneak preview of the game next month.

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Final Fantasy XIII Demo Coming on April 16th

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Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete will be released on Blu-Ray on April 16th 2009 in Japan which means the demo, bundled with FFVII: ACC, of Final Fantasy XIII will be out on the same day.

There will be two versions of the movie on sale from April 16th.

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December NPD Numbers Released: Nintendo Dominate Again, Xbox 360 Beats PS3 Again, Wii Play is Most Bought Game of 2008

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NPD have released their first numbers of 2009 with the final month of 2008 under the firing squad.

Nintendo dominated the month (when havent they?) with 2.1 million Wii’s sold and as well as that, the Nintendo DS broke the record of unit sales in the 1 month by selling over 3.04 million units, a record previously held by the PlayStation 2.

While on the HD Front, the Xbox 360 bitchslapped the PLAYSTATION 3 with sales of over 1.4 million compared to the PS3′s of 726,000 units although sales are expected to increase for the PS3 with the iniment release of Killzone 2 (we’ll know how many units sold on that front for the February report in March) as well as a price cut in March/April very much expected.

The PSP however did very well, outselling his big console brother with unit sales of 1.02 million while the PlayStation 2, in the week where it was announced that 50 million PS2′s were sold in America in the past 9 years since launch, sold over 410,000 units.

Full sales figures plus games chart and the all important end of year numbers are after the jump.

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CONFIRMED: Final Fantasy XIII Wont Reach Europe Before April 2010

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Any of you planning to get Final Fantasy XIII in 2009?

Well, unless your Japanese or your gonna import (like we are), you may rule them out till next year.

Square Enix have said to Reuters that you wont be getting Final Fantasy XIII for the PLAYSTATION 3 or Xbox 360 in Europe or North America before April 2010.

In the article, written in The Guardian (via, it said:

Square Enix also plans to launch the next version of “Final Fantasy” in 2009 in Japan, further strengthening its product lineup.

Overseas launches of the latest “Final Fantasy” game will come in the business year from April 2010 or later, [president of Square Enix, Yoichi] Wada said.

Square Enix will offer the latest version, “Final Fantasy XIII”, for both Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Corp’s Xbox 360 in North America and Europe, and exclusively for the PS3 in Japan.

So, no English version this year.

Still, if yoru that desperate, import it. Hell, we’re gonna, it’s the game we wants most from 2009.

UPDATE 2-Square Enix enjoys robust year-end sales [The Guardian] [Via]