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Lombardi: Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Coming

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Left 4 Dead 2Doug Lombardi’s announced the envitable: there will be a demo for Left 4 Dead 2 shortly before released.

Valve’s PR head said to Joystiq there will be a demo coming, via pre-orders, in selected retailers for the Xbox 360 version with the demo for the PC version coming for pre-orders on Steam. However, if you dont pre-order, not to panic. The demo will be out for all prior to release.

We’ve asked EA to see when L4D2 is coming to the UK. So far, nothing yet.

But it is due on November 17th in the US for 360, so we’re gonna assume it’s November 20th in the UK.

1 vs 100 Enters European Beta Testing This Week

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xbox-360Microsoft has announced the release details for the European beta’s of 1vs100.

The beta for the UK and Republic of Ireland goes live on Friday, while the beta’s in France in Germany go live on Sunday. The news comes way of Xbox Live community head Graeme Boyd aka .

The Canadian beta started in May and ended the same month. A US beta has been ongoing since E3, at the start of June. The website for the UK beta is live.

Konami ID’s to Be Scrapped

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pes-2010Fed up of Konami ID’s? Well, be fed up no more, the ID’s are gone, starting with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010.

Konami state that it is too late to do anything in past games released, biggest example would be Metal Gear Online. However, speaking to French gaming site , Konami say that they will get rid of the system with this year’s annual PES release for PS3 and 360.

Although, as far as we know, the 360 doesnt really use ID’s for Konami games, just Xbox Live where as the PS3 does, but we’ve only seen it in MGO. But anyways, its gone, and now, there will be only PSN’s and XBL GT’s to use for Metal Gear Solid: Rising’s online (if there is online for Rising)