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Molyneux: Natal “has given life to Milo”

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Molyneux & NatalIt’s like that movie with the whale, the puppet and the cricket, innit.

Lionhead’s president Peter Molyneux has said to that thanks to Project Natal, it has brought Milo to life. Look papa, I’m a real boy! Molyneux also stated that Milo existed long before Natal did.

Milo existed. But Christmas has given life to Milo.

Molyneux also confirmed that Milo was the remnants of Project Dimitri, but legal issues were present and had to change it.

Yes, before it was called Dimitri. We use the name Dimitri, but there were legal issues and could not use.

Earlier, BioWare head Ray Muzyka said that the motion camera was “a platform extention” as well as adding it is”a really powerful idea.”

Muzyka: Natal is a “really powerful idea”

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NatalBioWare boss, and newly made head of EA’s RPGMMO division, Ray Muzuka has said that Project Natal is a “really powerful idea”.

Speaking to GI, Muzyka states that the motion camera, revealed at E3 last month, is an ” platform extention”.

I got a demo of Project Natal before E3. So I got to check it out hands-on at EA with some other folks, and I thought it was pretty cool. We didn’t get to go to the Microsoft or Sony booths unfortunately because we were booked in meetings, but I read some of the announcements and saw some of the feedback and responses. It’s very interesting. And Natal looks exceptionally interesting as a platform extension.

“I think it’s a really powerful idea.

Mass Effect 3 to use Natal? We shall see.

Ueda Takes Aim at Grand Theft Auto IV & Mario Galaxy

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fumito-uedaMiyamoto and the Houser brothers better be hiding under the desk, Fumito Ueda is coming for them and their games.

The Team ICO head gave a scathing attack in an interview with Swedish magazine LEVEL, translated by GAF, saying “he expected more” as far as Super Mario Galaxy went.

Yes I have played it, it was hard to not to since it was rumored that Miyamoto-san was inspired by me. But I had expected more, that segment, was like the rest of the game not so fun as it could had been. I think the fans made a big deal out of nothing when they said Miyamoto had stolen from me.

And for course, there was Sam and Dan Houser’s masterpiece, GTA IV.

The biggest problem with the game is the lack of innovative things in the game. The graphic style impresses, but not the base premise, which is exactly the same as the predecessors.

We wouldnt dare disagree with Ueda, even though Galaxy and GTA IV are great games, considering that he has made two simply spellbinding games for the PlayStation 2, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Team ICO have The Last Guardian in development right now for the PLAYSTATION 3, due sometime next year