TGS 2009: No New Versus XIII Info Until Next Year

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versus-xiii-2Sad news, Nomura-wans: no Final Fantasy Versus XIII info is coming this year.

So, when? Next year is when to keep an eye out, when there will be an infomation blow-out according to Nomura in the latest issue of Famitsu.

He wanted to reveal stuff sooner, but the development team felt that they need more time before they can show stuff from the game.

And with Final Fantasy XIII proper out this December in Japan, we’re sad about it, but none the less welcome the news.

Thanks, SCRAWL.

TGS 2009: Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Coming October 27th

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Left 4 Dead 2Valve’s announced that a demo for Left 4 Dead 2 will be coming to Xbox Live from October 27th.

The news came out of the company’s pre-TGS event.

Also confirmed is that Crash Course, the story DLC for the original Left 4 Dead will be out on September 29th – next Tuesday.

PR after the break.

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GOONL!NE is in Dublin – Why? [Part 2]

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magGOONL!NE is back in Dublin again after last week’s Microsoft antics. Everything from that event is found here. It’s worth noting that we still have one more article from that event to put up, so stay tuned.

But tonight, we’re going to see Sony about some massive multiplayer game. You might have heard of it, it’s called MAG.

We’re not just here though to go hands on with it. If we wanted that, we would have been crying for beta codes. We’re also here to interview Zipper’s Ed Byrne and ask him your questions as well as ours, and we have so ‘gooduns in there. Thanks again for sending them in.

We’ll hopefully have a load of stuff from the event to give you. Sit tight with us.

CONFIRMED: Uncharted 2 to Release in Europe on October 16th

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uncharted-2-1SCEE have confirmed to GOONL!NE that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will see a release on October 16th in Europe.

It comes as Eurogamer reported yesterday that the date was October 16th.

Well, we now know it is just that: October 16th.

The game was confirmed last month to release in the US for October 13th.

First Dead Rising 2 Gameplay Due This Week

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Geoff Keighley just that the first gameplay footage of Dead Rising 2 is coming this Thursday: the start of the Tokyo Game Show.

“BTW on Thursday’s GTTV we will be showing you guys the first glimpse at gameplay from Dead Rising 2.”

It comes as the Tokyo Game Show kicks off in earnest in the early hours of Thursday morning.

RUMOR: SEGA Fuck-Up Brings Back PS3 BC

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Of the biggest scale.

SEGA’s leaked what looks like a a massive list, which contains notes of a possible PS2 backwards compatibillty for selling all titles like Vice City and Sonic, which were mentioned in the notes.

As well as that, SEGA are also providing SCEA with a list of titles from the Dreamcast era with Sony pointing out the ones they want as exclusive. Jet Set Radio, the last good Sonics and Shenume maybe coming to a PS3 near you soon.

Also mention is a special import area, which could see Yakuza 3 go on sales in the store somehow as the game is mentioned in the notes alongside the store.

And finally, to add the cherry onto the cake, they also confirm that the PlayStation Motion Controller will be released in Spring 2010, which was already known about as SCEI president Kaz Hirai confirmed it at GC. But the notes mentioned a March release in Japan anyways.

We’re not going to hit the list after the jump. We dont want a Chinese burn on our wrist, so GAF it is then.

We’ll try and email SEGA and SCEA about this tomorrow.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Flash Game Rewards 2 Unlockable Missions

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Dragon Rising

A new flash site has launched, allowing gamers to ‘take the test’ (not THAT one) to see if you’re able and fit for Operation Flashpoint 2.

The site consists of three tests; the first, which is pretty tricky, has you clicking on coloured blocks in the right order, but only if they made a sound. Like Simon Says, but if Simon were a douchebag. The second, and the easiest, has you selecting the colour of the word; not the colour that the word spells out. The third, and most difficult, has you not only attempting some quite hard maths, but also avoiding balls with the mouse. Anyway, complete it with 85% or over and unlock two extra missions for the PS3 and Xbox versions of the game. Sweet. I just scraped my sorry ass through with 85%; as always…

The game can be played on the 9th October, and the mini-game after the jump.

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Hidden Treasures And Easter Eggs In The Uncharted 2 Beta

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We’ve been playing the Uncharted 2 Beta. Obsessively. we love it, and we’re also pretty good at it, which is kind of a first. We was amazed by the wonderful gameplay, the great, fast multiplayer, and the stunning graphics. We wanted to explore every inch, every nook, every cranny, just to check if we’d missed something.

And so we did. With the help of PSN user BackedOut_  and we set out on a quest; we geared up, packed our stuff and grabbed hold of our AK-47s. And we adventured. Adventured for the hidden bits, sly references and easter eggs….of The Uncharted 2 Beta. And t’was epic.

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Wada: New Wii in 2011, Impact on Natal and PSMC will be “small”

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square-enixSquare Enix boss Yoichi Wada has said to the FT that both Project Natal and the PlayStation Motion Controller will only have a “small” impact, when both are expected to release next year.

“Present game machines already have a lot of functions: they are a network terminal, a Blu-ray or DVD player, and a gaming machine. Compared to these three pillars, the [new motion] controllers are quite limited, so the impact may be small.”

Wada also said a brand new Wii will be out by 2011, which will also see a new controller.


You’ll have to sign up to the FT to see the full article, but Joystiq has the gist of it.

What We Want From…Half Life 3

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Half Life 2 Ep 2

Half Life is a good thing. I can’t really put it any other way. Saying it’s awesome doesn’t really show how awesome it is. It’s just a good thing; a thing that perfectly fits in the world, causing no rifts or complaints. Everyone loves it.

And yet, with all these episodic releases, it’s age is beginning to show. The Source engine is showing it’s limitations, the AI is starting to stumble, the character models are slowly rusting. It’s like that moment you realize your father, the coolest dude in the world, can’t play football with you any more, because his back isn’t up to it. And then your mother leaves. And your father turns to alcohol, and beats you, and you run away and find shelter writing articles for a gaming website. Or something.

Anyway, the point is; we all want to know what’s gonna be in Half Life 3. So why not use spurious projections to craft our own version? Why not indeed.

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