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RUMOR: Green Day: Rock Band Incoming

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As if The Beatles werent big enough for the series, Billy Joe Armstrong, the leadman of Green Day has hinted that they will be the next band for their own edition of Rock Band, according to Kotaku. They will be only the second band after the Fab Four to get their own addition of the series (3rd if you count AC/DC’s live disc only addition). Which begs the question as to how the three piece, who only released a brand new album recently, got this far without one song appearing on the Rock Band store? Armstrong said:

Uh yeah, we’re doing a whole Green Day Rock Band…uh. I’m not sure…soon. Like I think not this week, but this year soon…by the end of this year.

Obviously not this week, Billy. Which now leads us to another question: HOW THE FUCK HAVE HARMONIX NOT RELEASED A RADIOHEAD: ROCK BAND???

RUMOR: Max Payne 3 on the Next Game Informer [UPDATE]

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Max Payne 3

UPDATE: Confirmed by Game Informer.

UPDATE 2: Scans are already out… somewhat.

Original Story: If you ever want a massive example of a fall from grace, look no further then Max Payne. Game Informer have Max Payne 3 on their front cover apparently, and already the info from the issue is coming out. As so, Max is now bald, overweight, dirty and addicted to perscription drugs, pain killers to be specfic.

Infact, Max is actually in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

It’s actually been claimed that the game looks very similar to Uncharted 2 in graphics, thanks to Rockstar’s RAGE engine, which will produce indestructable enviroments and more. And it’s comfirmed the game will get a multiplayer.

We thought we had the first trailer for it late last month: we didnt. Mind you, now that info is starting to come out, that December date could still be a reality yet.

Out on PS3 and 360 from Rockstar Vancouver.

More info from Deeko.

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Valkyria Chronicles Sales Get a Boost of 400%

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SEGA’s announced that sales for the PS3 exclusive RPG Valkyria Chronicles has jumped over 400%. Speaking on the US Sega blog, the company said their thanks to the fans of the game:

Throughout the month of April, SEGA sponsored a number of Valkyria Chronicles community contests across sites like VGChartz, Destructoid, and others. Fans rallied on our Facebook page and our Valkyria Chronicles twitter feed, and joined us in spreading the word about how awesome Valkyria is to their friends and family – and when we announced a limited time price drop to $30, copies flew off the shelves like delicious hotcakes at a protest against weight watchers. Then, right at the pinnacle of all this Valkyria buzz and goodness, three new packs of DLC hit, and all the fans across the world rejoiced.

Squad Seven, you’ve done us proud. You’ve given attention to a game that truly deserved it, and – against all odds – helped Valkyria rise again. Thank you – all of you. Whether you’re the person constantly posting about the game on your favorite fan forum, the entrant who created Valkyria media for a contest, or the guy/gal who heard good things and decided to finally pick up a copy in the store. It’s thanks to you that this victory has happened, and as long as you guys are out there promoting the game wholeheartedly, SEGA will be right there behind you.

Surely now, this game has cause for a sequel after this? We’d like to hope we did our bit anyways, Valkyria was our 3rd best game of 08, behind LBP and MGS4 beating games like GTA IV and Fallout 3, which is a testament of how great this game is.

Crackdown 2 to Have 4 Player Co-Op, 16 Player Multiplayer

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Crackdown 2, announced at last week’s Microsoft press conference during E3, is certainly gonna be a show in for our most antcipated game of 2010 and these new details, taken from the Xbox website may just help it’s case.

The game will have up to 4 player co-op as well as 16 player multiplayer, when the game launches next year for the Xbox 360.

The sequel to the award-winning vertical-world adventure, Crackdown 2 is the ultimate open-ended world action experience, only available on Xbox 360®. The game lets you be judge, jury, and executioner for a huge, fully explorable city. Crackdown 2 takes multiplayer gaming to unprecedented levels for the ultimate co-op and competitive multiplayer experience, providing you and your friends with the complete freedom to explore, destroy, and play your way as you restore justice and peace to Pacific City—by any means necessary.

The game’s in development at Ruffian Games, and not Real Time Worlds who made the original, they’re making APB on PC for EA. Catch the first trailer for the game here.

Now we wonder the next question for the game’s release: if you dont get a code with ODST, will you get a beta key for the Halo: Reach beta? The ideas are endless.

Thanks to VG247 for the heads-up.

PS3 Price-Cut to Come in August

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It’s incoming now, like a fucking fraight train.

IndustryGamers is reporting that a price cut for the PLAYSTATION 3 is coming in August, the same time as Madden NFL 10 launches. Guess what else takes place in August? GamesCOM in Cologne, Germany. According to Arvind Bhatia, analyst at Sterne Agee:

industry sources indicate Sony is planning a $100 price cut on the PS3 in mid-August, just prior the launch of Madden (8/18) and the start of the back to school shopping season. This will naturally be a positive for the industry

An added quote from Bhatia added:

The industry is alive and well. While software sales for the first half of 2009 are expected to be down mid-single-digits, we believe the second half, in contrast, will likely be up 10% to 15% driven by a robust lineup, easier comparisons and potential price cut(s).

GC Cologne (not GC Leipzig, thats Game Convention which is dead to us console lot) takes place from August 19th – August 23rd.

New Final Fantasy XIII Screens Emerge

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New screens have emerged of Final Fantasy XIII this morning. They come from a page on the Famitsu website.

There will be more info in the new issue of Famitsu tomorrow morning, with new screens, new info, and interviews with the development team on the project.

They show Snow and Shiva together. Find the screens after the jump. It’s out this Winter for PS3 in Japan, Spring for PS3 and 360 in the West.

And it’s been announced that more info is incoming in the game with an interview on the PS Blog US this week from E3? Our guess: Kitase-san probably.

Screens, jump.

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Bayonetta Rated by BBFC & ESRB

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Snooping, how we love it.

We’ve been checking them classification decisions from the BBFC and ESRB, and they seem to have churned out a new subject: Bayonetta. The BBFC have given a 15 rating for the game, while the ESRB have given a M for Mature rating for the game.

While we dont know when the ESRB rating came in, the BBFC rating came in on Wednesday last week, June 3rd.

It’s near release after all, the game’s out worldwide in the Autumn for PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. Just dont mention Bayonetta, or for that matter Hideki Kamiya, to Tomonobu Itagaki, he’s not a big fan of the game.