E3 2009: The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap – 1/6 – 7/6 [My Aftermath of E3]

E3Last week, we went for the Friends type title for the Weekly Recap, this week, we went for a little in our headline.

But even then, we dont think JD or Turk could have saved us from the influx of stuff for E3 2009. What a fucking week we had, it was Christmas for gamers, be that as a gamer or a gaming journalist. We’re still doing the recap of course, we just want you caught up on E3 of course, but we’re gonna do it with a slight twist this week.

Any news announced from the conferences we covered as a livetext (Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Sony) will be tagged as Scrubs tags, so for you to know what we’re on about:

Sony – [JD]
Microsoft – [Turk]
Nintendo – [Elliot]
Multiplatform [Dr. Cox]
Other [Carla]

Oh, and megatons and gigatons? Bolded.

So, lets do this. 160 stories full of E3 goodness.



Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference to Kick Off Earlier Due To “special addition” [UPDATE][Turk]
Final Kojima Teaser Site Countdown Ends Tonight[Dr Cox]
EA Announce Crysis 2 for PS3 & 360 ][Dr.Cox]
Brutal Legend Promises a “world like no other”[Dr Cox]
RUMOR: Gran Turismo 5 E3 Showing in Doubt[JD]
Ghostbusters Demo & Fat Princess Headline PS Store Update for June[JD]
Microsoft Press Conference from 4pm BST[Turk]
Wipeout HD DLC Announced, Revealed at E3 This Week[JD]
Modern Warfare 2 Fans “Wont Want to Miss MS Briefing” According to Keighley[Turk]
LEGO: Harry Potter Announced[Dr Cox]
Microsoft Press Conference — LIVE[Turk]
Army of Two: The 40th Day – E3 Trailer[Dr Cox]
MEGATON!: Hideo Kojima Announces Metal Gear Solid: Rising for Xbox 360 [UPDATE][Turk/Dr Cox]
MEGATON!: Halo Reach Announced for 2010[Turk]
MEGATON!: Crackdown 2 Announced[Turk]
CONFIRMED: Halo 3: ODST Confirmed for September 22nd Release[Turk]
Alan Wake Demoed and Dated for Spring 2010[Turk]
MEGATON!: Left 4 Dead 2 Announced and Dated for November 17th[Turk]
CONFIRMED: Forza Motorsport 3 Announced[Turk]
EA’s Press Conference — LIVE[Dr Cox]


Watch the Moment Kojima Announced Rising[Turk/Dr Cox]
Ubisoft Press Conference — LIVE[Dr Cox]
CONFIRMED: MGS Rising Heading to PS3 as Well as 360[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Metal Gear Solid PSP Titled Peace Walker[Carla]
Schappert: “We’ve got the best games” [for Xbox 360][Turk]
McCartney and Starr Appear at MS Conference for Beatles: Rock Band[Turk]
Final Fantasy XIII Aimed for a Spring 2010 Release in the West[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Ubisoft Announce Project Eden in Collaboration with Mizuguchi[Dr Cox]
E3 2009: CONFIRMED: Assassins Creed 2 Out on November 17th[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Halo 3: ODST is Finished[Turk]
Project Natal Announced[Turk]
MGS Still Has Titles Not Shown for 2009[Turk]
The Saboteur – New Screens[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Mass Effect 2 – New Gameplay Screens[Turk]
Nintendo Press Conference — LIVE [UPDATE][Elliot]
Heavy Rain Available to Play at E3[JD]
Assassins Creed 2 Demo Coming at Sony Conference Tonight[JD]
CONFIRMED: Super Mario Bros Coming to Wii This Winter[Elliot]
Wii Fit Plus Announced[Elliot]
Wii Vitality Sensor Announced[Elliot]
MEGATON!: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Announced[Elliot]
GIGATON!: Metroid: Other M Announced[Elliot]
Sony Press Conference — LIVE[JD]
GIGATON!!!: Final Fantasy XIV Shown and Announced as a PS3 Exclusive[JD]
MEGATON!: Team ICO Reveal The Last Guardian[JD]
MEGATON!: Gran Turismo 5 Shown[JD]
MEGATON!: Rockstar PS3 Game Announced – Agent
CONFIRMED: God of War III Releases in March 2010[JD]
CONFIRMED: Metal Gear Solid: Rising is Coming to PLAYSTATION 3 (Pt. 2)[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
CONFIRMED: Lost Planet 2 Heading to PS3 in 2010[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
CONFIRMED: VidZone Coming on June 11th for PS3[JD]
Sony Announce Motion Controller for PS3[JD]
Final Fantasy XIII Shown at Sony Event in English[JD]


Assassins Creed 2 Shown at Sony Press Conference for First Time[JD]
Metroid: Other M – First Screens[Elliot]
Metroid: Other M – Debut Trailer[Elliot]
The Last Guardian Scans from Famitsu[JD]
Famitsu Confirm Metal Gear Solid: Rising for PLAYSTATION 3[JD/Dr Cox]
Splinter Cell: Conviction Appears in Famitsu[Turk]
Assassins Creed 2 Shows in Famitsu[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Heavy Rain – E3 Trailer[JD]
Gran Turismo 5 – Debut E3 Trailer[JD]
Final Fantasy VII Coming to EU PS Store Soon[JD]
CONFIRMED: Final Fantasy VII Out on EU PS Store Tomorrow[JD]
Peter Molyneux to Make Big Announcement at 5am BST [UPDATE][Turk]
MEGATON!: Kojima Working on New Castlevania, Lords of Shadow[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]


Konami Confirm an All Platforms Release for Rising[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Final Fantasy XIV – Debut E3 Trailer[JD]
Final Fantasy XIII – E3 Trailer
[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Molyneux Promoted to Creative Director of MGS Europe[Turk]
CONFIRMED: Jade Raymond Working on Assassins Creed 2 with Desilets [UPDATE][JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 5 Could Come Out Anytime[JD]
Forza Motorsport 3 to Release on Two Discs[Turk]
Agent to Be “the ultimate action game” According to Houser[JD]
You’ll Be Able to Play The Last Guardian “sooner then later”[JD]
Assassins Creed 2 – Desilets/Raymond Interview Snippet[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Tretton on PS3’s “formidable arsenal”
Konami Release Raiden Render for MGS: Rising Multi-Plat Announcement[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Splinter Cell: Conviction – E3 Trailer[Turk]
E3 2010 Dated for Second Week of June[Carla]
Mass Effect 2 – E3 Trailer[Turk]
Ubisoft Screens Blowout – Splinter Cell: Conviction – Gameplay Screens and Renders[Turk]
Ubisoft Screens Blowout – Assassins Creed 2 – Gameplay Screens[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Ubisoft Screens Blowout – Red Steel 2 – Gameplay Screens[Elliot]


Crackdown 2 – E3 Debut Trailer[Turk]
Tekken 6 – E3 Gameplay[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Forza Motorsport 3 – BLOWOUT! Gameplay, Screens and Factsheet[Turk]
Heavy Rain – Screenshots (Part 1) [UPDATE][JD]
BioShock 2 – Multiplayer Screens & Factsheet[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Heavy Rain – E3 Screenshots (Part 2)[JD]
Borderlands – Screens and Factsheet[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Namco-Bandai Announce New Co-Op Scenario Campaign Mode for Tekken 6 + New Screenshots[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Team ICO Coming to LittleBigPlanet Next Week[JD]
The Last Guardian – Debut Screenshots[JD]


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Screenshots[JD]
Metal Gear Solid: Rising – E3 Debut Trailer[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – E3 Trailer[JD]
Modern Warfare 2 – Screenshots (+ Pre-E3 Trailer)[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]
Alan Wake – Screenshots + E3 Trailer[Turk]
GOONL!NE Game of Show – Nominees[JD/Turk/Elliot/Dr Cox/Carla]
Desilets: Assassins Creed 2 to End with a “holy crap, I never seen it coming” Ending[JD/Turk/Dr Cox]


The Last Guardian – E3 Debut Trailer[JD]
The Funny Side of E3[JD/Turk/Elliot/Dr Cox/Carla]

I think we need a holiday after this week, honestly.

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